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Shuiab Khan LATEST

Actor presented with top diversity award by MPs

Blackburn Citizen:

2:31pm Friday 10th October 2014

Shah Rukh Khan was presented with the Global Diversity Award at the State Room of the House of Commons in London.

Shuiab Khan: It seems that temporary traffic lights have taken over my town

Blackburn Citizen: Timely traffic light remember for Taunton pedestrians

1:34pm Friday 10th October 2014

THE bane of my life at the moment seems to be road works. This week, I have spent more time sat in my car trying to get into my office than anything else.

Blackburn food firm KQF scoops Business of Year award

Blackburn Citizen:

2:32pm Friday 3rd October 2014

Blackburn-based KQF was named Business of the Year at the Lloyds Banking Group English Asian Business Awards this week.

One of India’s finest actresses is taking centre stage and leaving behind movies as she leads the cast of comedy Happy Birthday Sunita

Blackburn Citizen:

11:57am Friday 19th September 2014

Shabana Azmi leads the stellar cast of a new family comedy coming to the north west next month.

Shuiab Khan: Pitches are a far cry from Wembley

Blackburn Citizen: Wembley stadium which will host the FA Vase final between West Auckland and Sholing

3:32pm Friday 5th September 2014

While I would like to have a football pitch like a cricket lawn I know I will not get it.

Multicoloured bus is already proving a hit for East Lancs weddings and special occasions

Blackburn Citizen:

4:13pm Thursday 14th August 2014

THIS beautifully decorated vehicle is the only one of its kind operating in East Lancashire.

Police make appeal to Lancashire foreign scheme investors

Blackburn Citizen: Toni Smith and Andrew Verlander plundered nearly £40,000 in benefits they were not entitled to

2:00pm Thursday 14th August 2014

POLICE are urging families who may have been affected by a foreign investment scheme to contact them.

Shuiab Khan: A drubbing - but Brazil have won the cup five times

Blackburn Citizen:

2:30pm Friday 11th July 2014

SOME people find it so fulfilling to gloat at someone’s misfortune.

Family firm that tailors whatever you want made

Blackburn Citizen: Family firm that tailors whatever you want made

3:45pm Friday 20th June 2014

One-stop shop for haberdashery and crafts, clothes, sewing and wedding items

Rising stars in classic 'boy-meets-girl' tale

Blackburn Citizen: Rising stars in classic 'boy-meets-girl' tale

3:27pm Friday 20th June 2014

Varun Dhawan is set yet again to show why he is one of Indian cinema’s rising stars.

Shuiab: With phones, bigger is not better at all

Blackburn Citizen: Plans are being drawn up for a Shildon mobile phone app

2:53pm Friday 16th May 2014

I have a new phone. It took a while but I have decided my old phone does not meet my requirements any more.

Column: No one needs to talk to experts now we have Google...

3:55pm Friday 24th January 2014

Is it cheating to ask Google for everything? While I hate social networking – with a vengeance – I do have s soft spot for Google.

Column: An obsession with checking radiators is a sign of age

2:17pm Friday 10th January 2014

There are three signs that you are slowly ageing. There comes a point in your life when your kid is cleverer than you.

Chat with Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan

Blackburn Citizen: Poster for Bullet Raja

11:01am Friday 29th November 2013

Saif Ali Khan returns to our screens as high-stakes gangster Bullett Raja. The role sees Saif as Raja Mishra, a commoner transformed into Bullett Raja – a notorious, care-a-damn attitude gangster. Here, we talk to Saif...

Nelson man puts world poverty in focus

Blackburn Citizen: Israr Raja will be joined in his venture by friend and neighbour Nicolas Wavrin

10:57am Friday 29th November 2013

A FORMER Nelson man is living on just on £1.53 a day for a whole month as part of a charity challenge.

Cricketer joins in 'laughter riot'

Blackburn Citizen: From left, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Indian Test cricket star Harbhajan Singh and Gippy Grewal

11:00am Friday 22nd November 2013

Akshay Kumar’s latest venture from behind the camera sees him release a Punjabi movie.

Sign of progress for East Lancashire's deaf

Blackburn Citizen: Paul Challinor, a sign language tutor, with Amy Coulter of East Lancashire Deaf Society

10:00am Friday 22nd November 2013

A law firm is pairing up with the East Lancashire Deaf Society to train staff.

Blog: Be prepared for some treacherous hazards!

12:22pm Friday 15th November 2013

IT is only November and already we are being warned of some severe weather.

Columnn: I probably would have been one of those happy bus drivers

3:22pm Friday 25th October 2013

EVERY so often you will try to make sense of why some people are how they are.

Blog: Cycling has too many ups and downs

4:18pm Friday 6th September 2013

I like cycling. After walking, it is the best way to get around. As a youngster I cycled quite a lot and my favourite route was down the fantastic Saccary Lane in Mellor.

Blog: Making the grade? It's all relative!

2:26pm Friday 23rd August 2013

Okay the time has come to make an admission to you all.

Blog: Kids' days out are like a helter skelter

5:19pm Friday 16th August 2013

This week I was spending time checking out some local attractions with the children.

Blog: The machine ate my ten pence . . .

5:26pm Friday 9th August 2013

AS with most things on this planet, the guy at the bottom of the pile gets the worse deal.

Blog: All right, it's a baby; now let's move on

3:21pm Friday 26th July 2013

I AM, like most people on the planet, completely ‘Royal babied’ out. I like the Royal family. If any member of the Royal family ever visited my house they would certainly get to use the proper plates rather than the paper ones.

Blog: You've been warned - it's hot out there

4:50pm Friday 19th July 2013

THE problem with this country is, we run out of things too fast. When it snowed we ran out of grit and when it rained we ran out umbrellas (well I did anyway).

Blog: Fasting's fine - just avoid the moaners

3:12pm Friday 12th July 2013

Ramadhan has started and it is good to see that most people are just getting on with it. Normally, during the first few days I meet people moaning about how hungry they are and how hot it is.

Blog: Give credit where credit's due

3:51pm Friday 28th June 2013

Give credit where credit is due. But what is point of praising insignificant actions? I think more than anything else, women are guilty of praising pointless gestures. Please stop saying your other half is fantastic just because he makes you a cup of tea!

Blog: It's not OK to text to ask if its OK

4:14pm Friday 21st June 2013

Please forgive me if I don’t LMAO (I am sure there is actually a letter missing there somewhere).

Blog: Spare us the sights the sun brings

2:28pm Friday 7th June 2013

This weekend will be hot. It won’t be hot, Pakistan style (where the temperature was 42 degrees C this week) but it is going to be warm for us Brits.

Blog: Where does all the rubbish go?

2:28pm Friday 31st May 2013

THE other day my six year-old wanted to know where all the rubbish went?

Blog: Why would anyone say 'chillax'?

1:19pm Friday 24th May 2013

WHAT on earth does one do when one wants to ‘chillax’?

Blog: I was a poor speller - and had big issues with comas!

1:00pm Friday 17th May 2013

THIS week my nine-year-old had a spelling test.

COMMENT: We'll never see another Alex Ferguson

3:15pm Friday 10th May 2013

With the retirement of Alex Ferguson we are reminded that all good things must come to an end.

Blog: My warm weather plumage

1:39pm Friday 3rd May 2013

Warm sunshine means one of two things. Either people start walking around in shorts and T-shirts or it is time to get out the air conditioned shalwar kameez.

Blog: I'm nearly 40 - will you shut up please!

1:46pm Friday 26th April 2013

And so it happened – before you knew it you had reached forty.

Blog: Surely we're all on Candid Camera!

12:39pm Friday 19th April 2013

It is a well-known fact that ‘Money For Nothing’, by Dire Straits has the best first 30 seconds of any song ever made.

Blog: It's time to let it be over Mrs Thatcher

12:55pm Friday 12th April 2013

There was always going to be disunity after the death of one of the 20th century’s most defining figures.

Blog: 16 minutes in, the budget went to pot

12:01pm Friday 5th April 2013

LIKE many parents I headed off to the fun fair with the kids this week.

COMMENT: Proving that you are who you are

11:19am Friday 22nd March 2013

APPLYING for a new photo-card licence, or passport, is one of the most mind-numbingly pointless exercises ever invented.

Blog: Learning the art of not listening

11:15am Friday 15th March 2013

THERE comes a point when one stops listening to people.

Blog: Could women handle a man's month?

4:50pm Friday 8th March 2013

‘If you men had to go through what we women do once a month you wouldn’t know how to handle it’ is the cry us men here all to often.

Blog: Charged 30p for spending a penny!

1:19pm Friday 1st March 2013

We love it when things are free, and I’m not talking about the ‘best things in life' – like the simple pleasures of a happy, healthy family and the like.

Blog: Avoiding folk is much easier nowadays

11:36am Friday 22nd February 2013

WE have this pressing need to be connected to people, either through your phone, your laptop, or your TV.

Blog: Time to cool obsession with meat

3:11pm Friday 15th February 2013

You know when things are getting serious – they make a logo for the news item.

Blog: Pakistan has proper potholes

12:54pm Friday 8th February 2013

WHEN you can’t be bothered to finish a sentence then it’s time to switch the lights off and call it a day.

Blog: Language barrier is still an obstacle

1:47pm Friday 1st February 2013

So, the census revealed that the number of people living in England and Wales who could not speak any English was 138,000.

Blog: Only the Chelsea player livened up a boring week

1:46pm Friday 25th January 2013

WOULD staying in, or going out of, Europe really make a difference?

Blog: People are a lot friendlier in the snow

4:29pm Friday 18th January 2013

IF my calculations are correct by the time you read this there will indeed be that thing snow on the ground.

Column: Forgetful pal a member of stingy crew

4:00pm Friday 11th January 2013

There is nothing more problematic than having friends who do not like to spend their own money.

Column: ‘Man flu’ is a female obsession

1:39pm Friday 4th January 2013

SO-CALLED ‘man flu’ is a thing made up by women to make them feel better about themselves.


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